This Old Table

This Old Table

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  1. Tears for the beauty of your story and your writing, having lived a good part of that history with you all. Much love, dear ones! And, as always, thanks for sharing your heart!

  2. I feel the same way about a dining room table we bought 50 yrs. ago. We bought the table from an unpainted furniture store, Mac stained it. We eventually bought a dining room set but moved our beloved table to breakfast area of our home. We have been using it this way for 43 yrs. The table has moved with us 4 times. The table was damaged in a move to CA, thanks to the moving company, the table was repaired and refinished. We won

  3. I’ve never seen your table, but having one myself since my kids were young, I appreciate what you’re saying. Great story as usual, Carol

  4. I love reading your posts here. Always positive, always heart warming. You’ve been blessed with a great and wonderful family. Have you thought about doing even more and creating a book or the like. Well done Lady. Always a pleasure!

  5. Your words make me love you that much more! I picture your beautiful smile as you remember and write these wonderful stories that you are generous enough to share with us! Love you Claree!

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