I am a storyteller wandering the yellow brick road.

From my first viewing of The Wizard of Oz in  glorious Technicolor at age five, Oz has been my ‘religion’ for everything from life advice, entertainment and the intrinsic wisdom that my happiness lies within. My personal narrative is framed in the timeless story of Dorothy’s (my) quest to find her (my) authentic truth. I have ruby shoes (really—sequined size 9’s) as talismans reminding me of my personal power as I wander the path. I’ve dodged wicked witches, danced with colorful characters, landed in magic places with unbelievable beauty, made it through scary forests, found great friends along the way and stood bravely as wizards tried to scare me off my own knowledge and power.

My ultimate rule is to never journey without my bubble of joy, much the same as my mentor Glinda—she’s all-knowing,self-assured, with great style (spectacular dress!) and has earned the respect of her citizens. My friends and family joke about my insistence on downplaying  painful or unpleasant events, but as my life unfolds, they are coming over to the joy-in-the-journey mindset. All we get is the day in front of us, and how we choose to navigate can be a day of delight and small surprises, or mucking around in horrendous news, depressing dialog and things that make us miserable. No thanks, I’ll take iridescent, light-as-air travel as often as possible.

One more thing—I am blessed with an extraordinary family. My husband Mark is quite simply the best person I know. The string to my kite and love of my life. My twin sons, Adam and Alex, are my greatest joy. They are caring, loving, smart, funny and talented men. With these companions in my life, I am a happy woman.

So here for your reading pleasure are some thoughts I have on life. Some lessons were hard-won. Others came pretty easily, as long as I stayed true to my goal of leading a joyful life.

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  1. Dear Vicky,
    Happy Mother’s Day…thanks for sharing your boys with me so generously all these years…so much a part of my life! I just added your blog to my favorites on MY blog…any way I can subscribe so I can get each posting when you post? Am soooo enjoying your blog…your writing is brilliant and touches my heart with each posting!

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