Happy Birthday Adam & Alex-#27!

Happy Birthday Adam & Alex-#27!

Happy Birthday Sweet Sons!

Adam (l) & Alex (r)

Adam (l) & Alex (r)

Today you are 27—hardly seems possible that this much time has passed for you wombmates! I remember the night after you were born looking out from my hospital room, snuggling you up close as I looked over the city lights, baby in each arm. Who would you become? What things would you love in life? What are your special gifts? Would you be close as brothers?

The room was quiet and you were both snoozing, perfect contentment, baby A and baby B—Adam and Alex. I didn’t know then that you would become these incredible men who bring love, joy and light to those in your circle. Although it was my hope and wish you would.

Adam, you came into the world first. That’s your path in life, to take the lead in your twinship. You’ve always been your brother’s protector and champion. From the early days of strolling in the neighborhood, to the perils of elementary school, through the middle school and high school years. Even now your brudder looks up to you as “my best friend, hero and muse.”

Alex, though you arrived 16 minutes later, you too are your brother’s keeper. The Brothers D’Ag are a team that no person can divide. You have Adam’s back, cheering his victories and offering wisdom beyond your years for the slights life deals him.

There is a story I wrote in my journal when you were in kindergarten. You were getting ready for school. Adam you had not yet mastered the art of tying your shoes. You tried several times, over under make the bunny ears as we’d taught you. In frustration, you called out, “Is anyone going to help me tie my shoes?” I peered over the upstairs railing at you perched on the bottom step, shoulders slumped. Then, Alex said in his sweet pipsqueak voice from the bedroom you shared around the corner, “I will help you Adam.” He  knelt in front of you, resting on his heels, as he made large loopy bows on your red sneakers. “Thank you Alex-see,” you said with a big smile. It was a simple moment, and one that shows the care you always take with each other. An early glimpse into the future where brother supports brother in ways large and small.

Carousel riders!Now here you are, grown men, who delight in your brotherhood, sharing stories and experiences only the two of you know. You spent this birthday together, a rare treat since distance and life separate you now. Dad and I imagined the hijinx you concocted as you roamed the mall, going to the movies and bombing around Adam’s world in Syracuse.

The Cowboy & The ArtistYou have both accomplished so much for your short time here—The Cowboy and The Artist. You always knew what professions you wanted, from the early years straight through to today. And you’re making your dreams reality. At times it may seem as if it’s taking forever, but take it from your hopefully wise old Momma, your trajectory is climbing at rocket speed. It takes some warm up to get to high altitude but that’s a good thing so you don’t burn out. You’ve both received accolades and praise from those in the know about your talents. We are ridiculously proud of your accomplishments and love to politely brag when appropriate at your zeal for pursuing the lives you love.

So what do you love? Family, adventure, learning, dancing, good coffee and dessert, friendships, art, horses, yoga and pets. You are both teachers—perfectly suited for sharing your gifts with eager students.

What are your special gifts?  Curiosity, passion, creativity, wicked humor, compassion metered out in equal measure to you both. Alex, you are the Pied Piper that causes people you meet, especially the little ones, to follow you for fun and adventure. Adam, you  live so deeply in your life, you radiate energy in every waking moment, igniting excitement and possibility in those who surround you.

My birthday wish for you is to continue exploring your lives with joy as your destination, finding love where you can and returning it as often as possible. Be generous with your knowledge and time. Never be afraid to say “I don’t know, but I can find out.” Seek prosperity by becoming spiritual billionaires—you are well on your way! Continue to cherish each other and our family. Come for visits as often as you can and share a glass of wine or two.

My sweet sons, you will always hold the most tender place in my heart. My 27 year wish fulfilled. I love you to the moon and back!


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