Unconditionally Mom, part à deux

Unconditionally Mom, part à deux

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.                   —ee cummings


On Saturday, April 14, I will stand on the stage at the 15th Annual Baltimore CityLit Festival with my Listen To Your Mother cast sisters and do a repeat reading of my 2015 essay on motherhood.

I auditioned for LTYM in winter 2015 after I read the poster asking people to read their original writings on motherhood. Hadn’t written a word yet, but my heart knew I had a good shot when I contemplated writing about my twin gay sons’ coming out. It’s a good story. I have decent skill as a wordsmith. My sons said, “Go for it Mom.” So—I wrote, auditioned and made it.

I rehearsed with my cast sisters, reading with ease and a bit of flair. The day of the performance, I thought, “I’ve got this! I’m used to public speaking and performing.” What I didn’t factor, was the hefty emotion of telling this very personal story with my sons and husband in the audience. I was at turns confident and a hot mess. Looking up where those pieces of my heart sat, I expressed the depth of my mother-love. My sons were laser-focused on me, trusting me to tell it true—that very intimate part of their story. I did them proud, so they told me after the show.

The best thing about an honest story is its resonance with people who see its possibility for themselves. Our LTYM leader Taya told us in 2015 that there will be people in the audience who need to hear your story. She was right. After that first show, several folks thanked me for sharing how our family handled our sons’ truth. That it gave them hope for their own families.

Fast forward three years and I am stepping on stage once again to share this pivotal moment in Adam and Alex’s personal journey. Alex will be there to represent the Brothers D’Ag; Mark will beside him, proud of us all. I will look to the seats where my hearts lie, take a deep breath, and tell it true once again.

The Listen To Your Mother segment is April 14, 2018, from 10-11:30 a.m. at the University of Baltimore, in the auditorium of the William H. Thumel Business Center, 11 W. Mt. Royal Avenue.  

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  1. You GO, girlfriend! It’s a wonderful thing all around~ Sure wish I could be there. Will anyone video it this time? Would be neat to see. Our oldest local granddaughter (19) came out last fall with the result that her bio dad threw her out and cleaned out her bank account! Fortunately, her mom and my son, Sean, her stepfather, have shown her unconditional love, as have we. We are closer than ever to her. We are all God’s children. Love to all of you~

    • Thanks Marni! There was a video of the first recording–see the link in this story. Not sure if it will be recorded this time, although I suspect Mark will record with his phone. Hooray Sean for loving your granddaughter for all of her. It boggles my mind that any parent could turn against their child for their biology. Being gay is not a CHOICE. And it is only a part of the person. The world is changing one family at a time. Love back atcha sister!

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