Life is better with a Toto.

Life is better with a Toto.

Dorothy had Toto. I have Fenway—our big black lab mix—my canine BFF and current doggy love of my life.

Fenway loves the sun!

He roamed the streets of Oneida landing in Wanderers’ Rest in Canastota in  2010 with the name Smiley. On the first day of spring that same year we had helped our last dog, 14-year-old Rosie the Amazing Wonder Puppy (also from WR) cross the rainbow bridge. To say we were heartbroken is an understatement. We foolishly said prior to her passing we would never get another dog. But, once a dog comes into your heart, you are forever changed. Plain and simple, we’re dog people. I asked Rosie in the great beyond to send us a new friend who would never replace her, but could keep us happy. Enter Smiley…

On the day we picked up Rosie’s ashes, T asked if we wanted to visit the shelter–just to look. I can hear you readers saying, sure…just to look. But I had already ‘looked’ on the website and saw this handsome boy with incredibly white teeth and huge grin. Maybe he was the one…

My list was specific. Our new pupper had to love other dogs and want to play. Had to love people and kids. Enough energy to keep us fit but enjoy rest. Love cats (Margot Poisson is the queen of our home.)  Swimming would be new and different. Big enough to play but not eat us out of house and home–T likes to roughhouse with pooches. A sweet, loving personality was a must. Bonus if the pooch like to ride in cars and trips to the vet, baths &  nail trims. AND–not a barker. (Rosie about did us in with her barking!)

Rosie did a good job with my list because this energetic boy has delivered every spoken wish and the secret ones in our collective hearts. As we went to the shelter ‘just to look’ it was love at first romp. He was happy and respectful while the other dogs in the room were over-the-top loud and jumping up their kennel doors.

We took him for a walk around the property to get a feel for him. He was boisterous yet still polite. We took an incredibly big chance after a bit letting him off the leash to see if he’d come on command. And he did! Add to that his gorgeous solid black coat, happy smile and we were convinced.

We signed the papers as our vet Dr. Karen ‘happened’ to arrive at the same time because she volunteers there (I don’t believe in coincidences!) She pronounced him a wonderful addition to our family and took over his care on the spot.

The naming of pets is serious business in our family–we (well me really…) are VERY particular about names. Human names, Google searches, all tried and rejected. Until T came up with a tribute to our favorite ballpark that seemed a good fit. Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1916 and Fenway D’Agostino arrived in his own park on April 20, 2010. Coincidence??–we’ve already covered that…

So here Fenway is today, almost 3, more than we could have hoped for in a dog. He is my shadow and sidekick. Comes with me to work, we run and walk 5 days a week. He sleeps on: the loveseat, his pillow (when Margot lets him), our bed, Adam’s bed, the couch (when he thinks I’m not looking), in the car and any warm patch of sun in our home.

Fenway knows what BEACH, LAKE, BALL, SQUEEKY TOY, STICK, STARBUCKS, WALKIN’, CAR mean–fun! and sometimes treats. He never judges, loves to be loved and is always ready for a new adventure–especially chasing balls, sticks and SWIMMING! You should see him fly off the dock at our favorite lake–pure joy! Fenway swims at Green Lakes

I’ll be writing a lot more about him as time goes on. You can learn a lot about life when you’ve got a loyal sidekick who lives in the present.

As always, thanks for reading! 😉

The joy is in the journey.


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