Most Beautiful Queen Mommy

Most Beautiful Queen Mommy

“Mommy loves the breeze on her knees. And sweet peas. I love Mommy.” –Adam, circa 1993

Little Momma 1963

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. Every Christmas Santa would bring me a new baby that I would love up every day with walks, diapers, bottles, naps, playtime, baths. I would dress my babies from my mother’s stash of our old baby clothes. Mom nurtured this passion in me—she knitted me baby blankets, brought  home preemie diapers for my babies from her work; she was a nurse on the labor & delivery ward at Hepburn Hospital for ions. Many a lucky baby was born under her loving care. Mom LOVED babies, and I got this gene from her.

As I grew up, I continued to dream of my own real life family. Tops on my list in a husband was a man who valued children. One who would eagerly love the joys of raising great people from the first breath. Who would show them how to live, love and have fun. T is the best Dad ever! Not just from my seat, but from the ones who matter most—the Boinkers.

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I was ecstatic. I read the Bobbsey Twins books as a kid, so this was coming full circle for me. Oh there was such hoopla around the impending arrival of The Twins! Phone calls, gifts, showers, preparing for THE BIG DAY. Which came on the morning that my beloved called into work for a much needed “sick day” after finally finishing the nursery. Bed rest from 26 weeks on for me meant T pulled double duty working all day and then taking care of everything at home. But hey, I was growing twins, so it was a fair split.

June 3, 1987  at 7:00 & 7:15 p.m. my dreams of motherhood came true. Adam Victor and Alexander Mark came into our lives with lusty cries, crazy hair and incredibly beautiful completeness.

Stuffing 25 years into this post is impossible. We had so much living each moment, it’s as if time was an illusion, expanding into eons of delight and  moments that seemed to vanish in a blink. But I can tell you this—these sons are the joy of my life! 

The Boinkers dubbed me Most Beautiful Queen Mommy during their early years. I recollect it’s because I have a penchant for tiaras and sport them regularly just because. I also encouraged their adoration through the ‘suck up’ game, where each boy would try to outdo the other with grand compliments for me as their mom. Don’t think it narcissistic —the boys loved the brotherly fun competition of the game, and it cemented their twinship with a touchstone to honoring  family. The greatest gift their Grandma Joyce passed down through me to them was the treasure of family—it is lasting, and a place where you always belong.

So, here’s what I wrote to my sons as they headed off to college. Seems an apropos Mother’s Day to share these words.

You are all I ever dreamed of in having a child from the time I was a little girl playing house with my dollies. Funny, loving, handsome, smart, energetic, joyful—love.  That’s what I mean when I say let the world surprise and delight you. Set the vision for what you want and let the proof come. Because that’s what I did when I imagined having a child. And then you came into my life. And my life is amazing because you are such a huge part of it.


Happy Babies—The Cowboy(L) & The Artist (R)

I love you sweet boys!



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  1. Oh Most Beautiful Queen Mommy! How I love you so Your word do paint the most ecstatic of paintings of this journey we called life. The joy of knowing the roots and honors of the family we spawn from has and always will be the guiding compass for both Adam and me to take direction and guidance from. Its true what they say. If you cant find it in your back yard you didn’t really lose it, cause there’s NO place like home!
    xoxoxo Love you Momma!

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